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Hironori Nakanishi


Message from the President (July, 1st, 2024)

The Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation (JAPEIC) was established as a highly specialized organization which provides inspection services to ensure safety of power plants in 1970, with the contribution from the government, electric power companies and manufacturers.

Our core competence lies in ability and experiences to evaluate and certify the safety of welding of boilers, pressure vessels and pipes which have to endure high temperature and high pressure in power plants. For almost fifty years, JAPEIC has been engaged in inspection, engineering and research activities.

Activities of JAPEIC are carried out by well-experienced inspectors and competent engineers in Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Regional Office, two branch offices in Hiroshima and Fukuoka, and Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Center in Yokohama.


Main Activities

Safety Management Audits

JAPEIC is a designated safety management audit organization of thermal power plants in accordance with the Electric Utility Law of Japan.

We provide major electric power companies and IPPs with high quality audit services which are required by the law to ensure safe operation of power plants, wind farms and fuel cells.

The results of audit are submitted to the government for approval.

Nuclear Inspection as a Third Party and Engineering Services

The components and materials of power plants have to comply with the strict regulations stipulated by the Nuclear Regulation Law or the Electric Utility Law.

We have long and abundant experiences in support of welding and nondestructive inspection for nuclear and thermal power plant operators in Japan.

JAPEIC also provides inspection, engineering and consulting services for importing and exporting plant components.

Our highly trained inspectors including CWI (Certified Welding Inspector; AWS) and AI (Authorized Inspector; ASME) are ready to provide necessary those services to power plant operators and manufactures inside and outside Japan.

Management System and Welding Product Certification Services

The Management System and Welding Product Certification Center of JAPEIC is an accredited organization by JAB (Japan Accreditation Board) for issuing ISO-QMS/EMS certification and welding product certification.

The welding certification can be used as evidence for safety management audit for thermal power plants based on the Electric Utility Law.

This Center periodically receives JAB surveillance team to get checked our quality capacity.

Codes and Standards Services

The fabrication and inspections are carried out based on relevant code and standard, however, new practice and new knowledge should also be fed into them as well.

Therefore, some members regularly participate in ASME meetings to contribute to technical safety discussions in competent areas and support drafting activities in Japan such as METI, JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering) and JEA (Japan Electric Association).

JAPEIC also has carried out a lot of evaluations on welding design and procedure with some new materials and technologies based on technical standards of Electric Utility Law and/or Nuclear Regulation Law as the third party.

R&D, Training

The NDE Center conducts research and development on welding and nondestructive testing evaluation, which include ultrasonic technologies, electromagnetic technologies, welding engineering to improve reliability, and integrity of welding materials, etc.

You can see the detail of our R&D activities in the technical review in JAPEIC’s HP.

The Center also provides training courses in nondestructive inspection and welding technologies based on our accumulated knowledge and expertise.

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