JAPEIC, Nondestructive Evaluation Center

Research & Development

Research and development work related to welding and nondestructive inspection

 Our basic technology is nondestructive testing, welding and material evaluation. Based on these technologies, we are engaged in research and development related to the safety of power plants.

Introduction of our Main Technologies

  Nondestructive Testing Technology@

 Ultrasonic Testing

           EVisualization of ultrasonic

           ESimulation of ultrasonic

           EUltrasonic testing technique

 Eddy Current Testing

           ESimulation of eddy current

           EEddy current testing technique

Welding Technology 

           ESimulation of solidification

           EResidual stress evaluation

Material Evaluation Technology 

           ERemaining life evaluation of heat-resistant steels

Experimental Facilities

Nondestructive Testing Equipment

EPhased Array UT System


EUltrasonic Visualization System

EOptical Elastic Visualization System

EUltrasonic Simulation System

EUT System with Simulation Capability

EPortable AC Magnetization Measuring System

EECT Waveform Recording and Analyzing System

Welding Equipment

EAutomatic Multi-Articulated Welding Machine

EAutomated TIG Welding Machine

EInduction Heating Local PWHT System

Material Test and Analysis Equipment

EInner Pressure Creep/ Thermal Fatigue Testing Machine

EUniaxial Creep Testing Machine

EFatigue/ Destructive Ductility Testing Machine

EAutoclave(For Nuclear Reactor Coolant Circulation Simulation)

ELaser Microscope

EVickers Hardness tester

EAutomatic Polarization System

EX-ray Residual Stress Analyzer